Wool week: the benefits of wool

Photo source: Pinterest 

Through my writing for the ethical fashion brand BIBICO‘s blog, I’ve discovered many benefits of wool I hadn’t previously known; and what better time to share these with you than national wool week?!

Now of course there are some issues surrounding the raising of sheep for wool, and much of the wool we use comes from sheep reared for meat which has ethical implications, but there are also many sustainability-related benefits of the natural fibre which are worth exploring.


2016: The Year of Conscious Consumption


Photo Credit: Vogue

Over the past few months I have become increasingly aware of my lifestyle and its environmental and ethical footprint. I was previously aware of environmental issues, but had never fully connected them to my every day life. Since learning more by reading books, articles, and blogs, and by watching documentaries, I have been making much more responsible shopping choices. I’ve considerably reduced how often I shop, changing what I buy and where I buy it from. I have recycled, resold or donated many unwanted items and will continue to do so throughout 2016.