Louisa Slade: Jewellery Repurposing


Louisa Slade repurposes and revives precious jewellery to sustain sentimental value and give your piece a new life. She masterfully adapts old-fashioned, damaged or disliked jewellery into unique items you’ll love. Repurposing jewellery is a great way to avoid neglecting gifts and create something personal. It also helps to reduce unnecessary waste by making use of pre-produced materials.

Louisa started her repurposing service after a family friend asked her to transform a pair of opal and diamond earrings she hadn’t worn for 30 years. Working closely with this family friend, she redesigned the earrings into a gorgeous ring with a more contemporary feel.

Louisa creates a little booklet for each of her clients with hand-drawings of the before and after design. This helps to preserve the memories and visualizes the journey to the new design.


A memorable project includes the adaptation of a beautiful 18ct Gold bracelet into a set of weddings rings. A father gave his daughter this bracelet when her daughter, his granddaughter, was born. Years later, the granddaughter passed the bracelet on to Louisa to make into two beautiful hammered wedding rings. Repurposing allows this story of love and sentiment to be passed down through a family.


Another notable project was a 30th wedding anniversary present from a wife to her husband. Using both of their mothers’ 22ct Gold wedding rings, as well as their own silver wedding rings, Louisa created two beautiful rings to symbolize their 30 years of partnership. Each ring held a section of the other so that, no matter where they were, they would always have a part of one another with them.

During 2016 Louisa will be hosting a few pop-up sales across London and Hampshire to sell a small, exclusive collection of her work. She also plans to teach jewellery classes in London and continue to recreate beautiful jewellery.

Visit her website now:


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