Eco-Friendly Business Cards for the Perfect First Impression

Business cards are a great way to get yourself or your business out there- but producing the paper can be very resource intensive. So how can an eco-conscious individual get the best business cards whilst caring for our planet?

Firstly, you need to think carefully about the design and the details you display. Getting the right business card is vital for the perfect first impression. You need a sensible email address that you’re likely to keep for years to come (no!). You’ll also want to take the time to carefully design the layout and logo so you won’t be embarrassed to give them out in the future.

Secondly, be smart about how many you order. Get enough to last you just a month or so and see how effective they are. The fewer you order, the greater flexibility you have to change the design of your card as you won’t have a whole stack left to give out or recycle.

Finally, opt for recycled paper cards. They’re easy to find and just as great quality. So don’t compromise your ethics and go for eco-friendly cards to market yourself in a memorable way that doesn’t harm our environment. Here are some great card companies to choose from:

1. Arjowiggins

All of Argowiggins papers are Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Their mills comply with ISO 14001 (environmental management) and they use alternative materials, such as fast-growing, renewable bamboo fibres and by-products from the food industry.

Their range includes more than a hundred recycled options, from 25% to 100% post-consumer waste, from smooth and textured whites to metallic finishes and coloured boards. Their Conqueror papers are carbon-neutral, achieved by constantly reducing carbon emissions in the production and delivery of the paper, and compensating for the remaining emissions through the sponsorship of carbon-reduction projects.


2.  Lemon Cat Shop

The Lemon Cat Shop have a whole range of super cute recycled stationary. They sell DIY business cards in single or mixed colour packs for you to customise as you like. Some of the packs are made from British card stock and all are made of recycled materials.

Get yours here.

3. Moo  

MOO’s Green business cards are made of 100% recycled fibre and are chlorine free. Their 352gsm cards are premium quality and are completely biodegradable. You can also get a 10-card customised sample pack like mine shown in the photo above. This is a great way to test out your design without buying in bulk so you don’t waste paper if you don’t like them in physical form.

Get your sample pack here: 

4. Brunel One

Brunel One supply 100% recycled business cards. They’re committed to operating in a sustainable manner, minimising the environmental, social and economic impacts in their Bristol based operations.

Their recycled cards are FSC and PEFC certified; PEFC is the world’s largest forest certification system, promoting sustainable forest management through certification.

Visit the website here.


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