DIY Valentine’s Day

Photo Credit: Lola Emily

Make this Valentine’s Day a personal one by crafting your loved one a special gift yourself. Don’t go crazy trying to find the perfect gift for someone that has everything they need. Instead, make them something they will use, that shows you know them, and that you will put in a lot of effort to make them happy. Plus, handmade gifts tend to be cheaper and you can make them with more natural, eco-friendly materials! 


Use recycled paper or card for a more eco-friendly Valentine’s Day. The mini envelope card I found on Pinterest- each mini envelope was made from scrap pieces of paper and represents one year together, with a favourite memory from that year written inside!


They say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach- I don’t know about you, but this is definitely the case for me! Go for simple and effective like the chocolate covered Oreos and Pretzels by Lola Emily (read how here). Two-ingredient truffles by Minimalist Baker are also cheap, easy, and soooo delicious (recipe here)! Experiment with different dusts, like freeze-dried raspberries, pink Himalayan salt or pistachios. Ascension Kitchen‘s raw rosey rocky road treats look amazing (recipe here), as do Wallflower Girl‘s vegan Jammy Dodgers (recipe here). So try making sweet treat this Valentine’s Day for you both to enjoy.

Gifts for Her

There are plenty of natural beauty products you can make yourself. The strawberry sugar scrub on the left takes just 15 minutes to make and all you need is coconut oil, almond oil, powdered strawberries and granulated sugar (instructions here). Soy candles are also a super simple gift to make. Follow this link to see how Adventures in Making made the soy candle hearts shown above. Soy wax is non-toxic and burns cleaner than paraffin wax so is a more eco-friendly option (find out more here). Similarly, bath bombs are a fun gift that can be made in a range of colours and shapes. You could also make your gift smell of your lover’s favourite scent by using essential oils.

Gifts for Him

Guys are often harder to gift, especially with handmade goodies. DIY coffee scrub is a manly grooming gift that you can enjoy together. It’s made from ground coffee, coconut oil and coconut palm sugar (instructions here). Beard oil is another male grooming favourite. All you need is a carrier oil, like sweet almond or Jojoba, and some essential oils to create a scent your man will love (read more here). Or you could opt for a paracorde bracelet, great for an active adventurer. You can make these in a variety of colours with different clasps. Watch this video for a full tutorial.

If you have any other DIY Valentine’s Day gift ideas drop them in the comments box below!

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