Reuse or resell and then replace!


When you start learning more about how products can be made in a more ethical and environmentally-friendly manner, it can be tempting to go out a buy a whole new consciously-produced wardrobe. But remember, that is not a sustainable way to shop!

Carefully sort through your cupboards and decide which items you regularly use and which you can do without. Don’t ditch the leather you love because you no longer wish to wear animal products, or your favourite tee because it was made by a fast fashion brand, reuse them until they’re beyond repair and then recycle the remains.

Or you could resell items to make space for more ethical purchases. I am about to start a new job with a smarter dress code than before. I’ve had my eye on the Matt & Nat Orwell bag for a while as it’s smart, chic, and has loads of compartments so is great for the commute (plus, it’s made of vegan leather with a recycled plastic bottle lining- read more on Matt & Nat here). In order to justify the purchase, I resold bags I’ve collected over the years that I no longer need. I used eBay and Depop to make the sales, but you could also try Asos Marketplace. I love reselling items as I know they’ll get used again. I’m also a big fan of buying second hand, if it’s lasted well for someone else it should last well for you!

So remember: reuse, repair, resell or recycle, and then replace! It is also important to reduce how much you consume- only buy products when you really need them, and invest in pieces you love and will use over again from environmentally and socially conscious brands.

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4 replies on “Reuse or resell and then replace!”

Great post! I feel the exact same way.

The last two times I’ve gone to a second hand stores, which has been a while, I noticed that they had things that they had bought new for reselling for a profit. Like $7 cardigans. For that price it makes me wonder about the sourcing, plus a main point for me to buy used is the whole “green” aspect and not having to worry about sourcing. Has this ever happened to you?
I have used poshmark for reselling and purchasing, but I will look into asos and depop.


Hi Molly,

I’m glad you liked the post! I would like to think most charity stores shouldn’t be buying new and selling on, so perhaps when going second hand try charity shops before vintage stores? Perhaps vintage or second hand stores looking to make profits for themselves instead of for a certain cause would be more likely to buy new and sell for a profit.

I have definitely thought about the pros and cons to buying second hand versus new from more ethical brands. Supporting a brand operating in a more sustainable manner is important, but it is also important we don’t let usable items go to landfill. I’ll check out Poshmark because I haven’t heard of it before, thanks!




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