Eileen Fisher: No Excuses


Eileen Fisher is globally recognised as a leader in more environmentally-friendly fashion. The brand is currently considered to be 66% sustainable, but this is not enough for Eileen and the company. They want 100% sustainability and are determined to get it, no excuses.

“To create a truly responsible supply chain, we need to scrutinize everything we do, from the field to the factory to the landfill. And take a hard look at what’s often swept under the rug—toxins, carbon emissions and low worker pay, to name a few. It won’t be easy. We’ll need the help of our customers, our manufacturing partners and like-minded brands. How will we do it? The answer lies in two small words: no excuses.”


Photo Source: Indigenous

Vision 2020 is the first 5 years of the plan to become 100% sustainable. In order to reach this goal, EF are working towards a truly responsible supply chain:

Fibers– By 2020 all cotton and linen will be organic. Recycled materials will be used where possible.

Colours– Since 2009, EF has worked with bluesign® technologies to ensure their dyehouses use less chemicals, water and energy.

Resources– The use of bluesign® certified dyehouses has reduced water consumption in China by 25%. EF also aims to become carbon positive in the US by 2020.

People– EF offer Fair Trade wages and regularly audit factories to ensure they comply with labour laws.

Reuse– GREEN EILEEN is EF’s in-store clothing collection service. To date it has collected 450,000 donated items and sold 140,000 to support women and girls. The rest have been recycled or resold.

Read more on Eileen Fisher’s efforts towards social consiousness here:



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