Responsible Wrapping


Photo Credit: Sophia Victoria Joy

How can we make gift wrapping more sustainable? Around 6 mature trees are cut down to make just one tonne of paper. That equates to almost 50,000 trees removed to make the 8,250 tonnes of Christmas wrap (Wrag Wrap). Defra estimates that enough paper is used each year to gift-wrap the island of Guernsey!!

Gift wrap is designed for one use only. We can try to reuse it, but realistically it only survives one or two more gifting-giving sessions. Wrapping paper is also difficult to recycle as it often contains non-paper additives, such a glitter and glue. In the UK, we send approximately 5 million tonnes of paper to landfill every year. This could be reduced by making simple changes to your gift wrapping habits.

So what can we do?

1. Use less wrapping paper

Carefully wrap your gifts this Christmas to avoid unnecessary waste.

2. Choose recycled wrapping paper

You can easily find recycled wrapping paper online. Paperchase offer a selection of recycled kraft gift wrap. There are also several sellers on Not on the Highstreet and Etsy, such as Sophia Victoria Joy.

3. Use a newspaper or magazine

Newspaper/magazines make pretty cool gift wrap that can be recycled!


Photo source: Erinzam

4. Opt for reusable fabric gift wrap

Both Wrag Wrap and Happywrap offer reusable fabric wrapping paper and gift bags that last. You don’t have to choose a festive themed wrap either, you could go for a simpler design to act as an additional gift for your friends and family.


Photo Credit: Wrag Wrap


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