BluePatch: Britain’s Sustainable Market


Photo credit: Rose Fulbright

BluePatch is a sustainable marketplace for UK design, ethical fashion, eco-furniture, green gifts, organic & fair trade food. They’re helping to connect shoppers to independent, local businesses that are improving the sustainability of their operations. This may include the use of locally grown foods in their products, raw materials from sustainable sources or renewable energy to power their workshops. I thoroughly recommend looking through their expanding collection of conscious companies when shopping. I’ve had great, guilt-free experiences with Source Coffee and Rainbow Organic Chocolates featured below, and I’m sure there will be more to come!

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Hampson Woods

Hampson Woods design and produce wooden products from their workshop in Hackney, London. They take a careful and considered approach to small-batch production and the sourcing of material, no timber is worked unless its provenance is known. They source from a carefully selected merchant who they work with to ensure a traditional and sustainable approach. They also source from arborists in and around London who specialise in clearing the fallen giants of this city. This ensures an ethically-sound supply chain.



Rose Fulbright, Lingerie and Loungewear

Rose Fulbright believe that luxury should mean positive things for both customers and suppliers, and that manufacturers and suppliers should be working to be as ethical and sustainable as possible. They use local British garment manufacturers, which reduces the carbon footprint involved in shipping, import and export. The silk is ethically produced, using non-toxic dyes, and elastics are made and dyed in the UK.



Source Climate Change Coffee

Source is currently the only conservation-led coffee company which is founded to protect the world’s forests, helping customers to make direct payments for ecosystem services for every bag or tin that is sold through reforestation carbon credits. Each bag has a unique tracking number to show the farmer’s on-going conservation efforts at the cloud forest of origin. For every bag sold, local farmers plant trees to support the forest and their families. All Source coffees are offset using reforestation carbon credits and are 100% traceable to the forest community conservation project.



Rainbow Organic Chocolates

Rainbow Organic is an artisan handcrafted chocolatier business which prides itself in using entirely organic ingredients that are sourced as locally as possible, and are seasonal. They aim to use entirely recyclable or compostable packaging and the chocolate factory is powered by 100% renewable electricity.



Bare Naturals

Bare Naturals have been working with many experts to perfect products made from natural plant based ingredients and empowering things with essential oils. Their products include soaps, balms and hand creams. They offer vegan options, including the herb and tea tree facial soap shown above!




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